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Sleepwalker by JelenaOAB     Hidden Talent by Artistlizard101     Queen Of Egypt by Lora-Vysotskaya
Autumn Melody by Secretadmires     Kill Time by Renata-s-art     Missing You by CobaltOfMarch
Widowmaker Summer by Flowerxl     Happy cat by CheddarPrince     Full moon by Paulina-Blomme
Mei SFW Animated Short (Gamescom 2017) by Didi-Esmeralda     C (1/3): Gamer girl! by DanaDani     Sombra Skin Summer Games by Didi-Esmeralda
Thursday by Heartcrocher     Shinobi out the window by Figrindan     Natural window by GeorgeXVII
Splatoon 2 Marina by Amana-HB     Fleurs Voronis by Velvet--Glove     Portrait practice by Dmitry-Dolmatov
One Old Memory.. by Sara-Arasteh     The Final - Sailor Moon by FuriaeTheGoddess     Cloud World by Pajunen
For the Love of Humanity by ArthurRamsey     624e4 by AkuraPare     Kitty's lonely dream by glaktor

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Commission + nsfw by Kittew
     Green Dragon - Glow In The Dark by claymeeples     Beautiful Thoughts by DestinyStarz
[Commission] Violet Evans by Grey-sky-102     Archer poses pack by BerenyiArts     Taylor Swift Reputation by Amana-HB
Monsters of Fractal XI: The Evildoers by hypex2772     Forest Queen by IwalTdohE     Mr. Meeseeks Chibi Plushie by UraHameshi
Collaboration with Ninig by AyyaSAP     Cybernetic Augmentations by Jade-Viper     Recollection City page 5 - Lost kart by HenrikeDijkstra
Hermana Muerte by CobaltOfMarch     Lineart: Miyo on the road by Iduna-Haya    

Mature Content

Two hand stand by xGrabx

Scotland Aberdeen streetview by CeaSanddorn     Fall by CobaltOfMarch     [Fanart] Sand Planet by LieutenantDorky
Crush by theExpressor     Mommy On Watch by lemgras330     Just me... lauraypablo by lauraypablo
Enemies but still friends - Aerith Sephiroth by FuriaeTheGoddess     Flying through the StarsFlying through the Stars
A spaceship was flying through space, but in a very erratic way. The ship was zig zagging through the oncoming meteor shower, and occasionally hitting parked spaceships. Just then, the phone inside the ship rang, and the driver hesitated before answering. When the TV connected to the phone turned on, a woman with short red hair, golden eyes, and four sharp horns with two rows of even sharper teeth appeared on the screen.
“Zayn! Where are you!?” the woman shouted, with a voice that was mixed with concern and anger. The man behind the wheel straightened his hair, and shoved a few mints into his mouth.
“Oh, I…I’m on my way home,” Zayn said, his voice a bit muffled from chewing and sucking on the peppermint flavored mints in his mouth.
“Were you at that Quantum Bar again?” the woman questioned, with her husband’s odd behavior not leaving her.
“No! Of course not, honey. I…got lost…in the
     Judy and the Star Child by pin100
Winged Monkey (Poseable) by Sukhanov     How The Roses Blossom by AleenaJ     study - katrina by Saraeyan
I will clean later by CheddarPrince     Misunderstandings (Sans X Frisk) Page 1 by AddyArtStudios     Lilac by Serfiaso
Linda Hayden by Pidimoro     With you by my side, I'm happy. [Short drabble]// Surprise, new characters! These characters were based on a tweet by Tomska.
Ophelia is a deaf musician, and Carmine is a color blind painter. //
// I told Poptart about the idea and we decided we wanted to rp that, and we ended up making new oc’s and I ended loving them so much that I keep thinking of cute ideas of them, so have a little thing I made –v- //
Ophelia was sitting on the front of the front porch of her house, her bare feet resting against the soft grass as she stared ahead, a soft frown on her face. Across the street, she could see a couple of kids running around on their lawn, enjoying the sunny day as their laughter filled the air, but for Ophelia, everything was quiet.
You see, Ophelia was born deaf, which was quite ironic if you think about the fact that she was a musician, she played both the violin and piano and now and then she would play in front of crowds, but she never got to hear it herself. She never really understood why she had decided to becom
     Denial by Pendragon-Arts
Dead Trust: Lying Monsters Another PreviewI wanted to give my trust to a great friend of mine but as time goes on, its impossible to stop caring about someone that once made you feel like a great friend and now I wanted to go back in time and see that person once again. During a time that we were not really enemies he and I were great friends but he wasn't the only friend I wanted to see again. I wanted to see her again and the reason why? She claims to be a monster but I never believed she was one, she's too kind to actually hurt someone and I just hope I can find her again. Its just too impossible, I thought to myself. I know I can't give up faith and hope I just...can't get her out of my mind, it almost felt like I was about to go crazy and I can't loose my sanity to her whole disappearance. I missed her, badly and here I am trying hard to live my life and trying to take a journey to find my best friend. That journey keeps on telling me to forget about the whole rescue.
I won't listen to that
     Comfort Zone by Y9ssra     Lily by Vaellie
sun by designer356     The will of the Wind- I am so anxious… what about you?
- What is to be anxious for???
- Whether it will all go smoothly…
- You have been told, haven’t you, that thousands of thousands like us did it before …
- But…this is our first time…
- Yes… First and last.
- Your jokes make it even worse …and if luck is not on our side… and there is no second chance.. what then???!!!????
- Nothing.
- Oh, just when I imagine this “nothing”…
- Don’t imagine then… bad fantasies bring nothing good…
- Shall we read fortune, perhaps??? I saw a daisy growing somewhere near around…
- Why?! Do you really believe in some rubbish like fortune telling???
- No, of course not. And yet…sometimes it does ease the nerves… Fortune, misfortune… Fortune, misfortune…
- Look, can you NOT do it out loud???
- Ah…sorry… Of course…
- So. Why did you suddenly grow gloomy???
- Well, it’s nothing.
- Was i
     Pong1-146-1e by AkuraPare
The Samovar At The Garden by spb-masters     Amber Ride by zoomzoom     Yuno Gasai by Undead-Autumn
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